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The estate owned by the Gozzelino brothers has a short but excellent list with two Barberas, a cabernet based Monferrato Rosso and a sauvignon based Monferrato Bianco.

Barbera, of course, is the star for Costigliole and is it's acknowledged home.
Local growers often affectionately refer to the grape as the “lady in red”. 

The two Monferratos reflect a legitimate, but cautious, move to open up to the outside world.  The DOC production protocol is fairly loose and producers can take a few liberties using international varieties, sometimes with pleasing results. 
But now let’s set theory aside and take a look at the results of this year’s tastings.  Barbera Vigna Beneficio ’04 is on top form.  Its deep ruby accompanies a nose that has coped well with long ageing in oak and a dense, full-bodied palate that is potent but not overpowering and finishes in style.  Sciorio, another ’04, is almost as good as its stablemate, showing similarly fragrant but less balanced overall.  Monferrato Rosso, from cabernet, displays varietal vegetal and spicy notes while the sauvignon Monferrato Bianco S is well typed and refreshing, with mineral aromas.